Adler German AxesYankee Axe

Details Hearty axe for chopping wood or working on the farm Cut-throat steel head that's easy to sharpen Ergonomic grip on hickory wood for durability and precision Heavy-duty leather sheath...
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The Tibro

Hults Bruk’s traditional Carpenter’s pattern has a thin, long, and straight edge that makes even cuts for rough shaping and detailed carving. The straight 20-inch American hickory handle provides balanced,...

The Sarek

The Sarek Splitting Axe is named after the Sarek National Park which is located in Jokkmokk Municipality, Lapland in northern Sweden. Established in 1909, the park is one of the...

The Motala

While usable for work, it is primarily employed today in throwing competitions among serious enthusiasts. This item has an axe head weight of 3.75-lb and a handle length of 30...

The Kisa

An essential tool for camping and hunting in the backcountry, the Kisa packs enough head weight for light felling, bucking, and splitting while remaining portable over long distances. The Turpentine...
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The Jonaker

Designed for precision and mobility, the Jonaker hatchet excels at woodworking, carving, and light splitting tasks while backpacking, camping, hunting, working on the trail or in the backcountry. With a...

The Arvika

Designed for use on Australian hardwood, the wide Tasminain axe profile makes large V-shaped cuts in hard, knotty or frozen wood. The axe head is secured to a solid 32-inch...

The Aneby

A fantastic camping or hunting hatchet that is designed to provide significant power and leverage in a small package. Ideal for light forest work, processing kindling and firewood, or felling...

The Almike

A timeless Swedish hatchet made for precision and mobility, the Almike quickly clears a campsite, processes kindling, and drives tent pegs, so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors....

The Akka

The Akka features a curved 24″ American hickory handle paired with a 1.5 lb. axe head for exceptional leverage and power in a lightweight package. The straight flat-ground edge and...

The Agdor 15 Hatchet

This all-purpose hatchet makes light work of camp chores from clearing camp and making kindling, to chopping small trees, making hot dog spears, or driving tent stakes. A 1.25-pound Yankee...

The Agdor 20 Splitting Axe

Purpose-built for splitting wood, featuring Hults Bruk’s Swedish splitting pattern to reduce friction and wedge logs open with explosive power. A small splitting axe, the Agdor 20 is intended for...

The Agdor 26 Yankee Felling Axe

This compact felling axe is one of the most versatile axes in the HB product range. The Agdor 26 walks the line between axe and hatchet — small enough for...

The Agdor 28 Montreal Felling Axe

Useful for more than cutting down trees, the 2.5-pound Montreal pattern axe head features wide cheeks for splitting with a long blade that chops deep cuts, paired with a curved...

The Agdor 28 Yankee Felling Axe

Mid-sized felling axes like the Agdor 28 Yankee are sought after for their portability and versatility. A 2.75-pound hand-forged Yankee pattern axe head is paired with a curved 28-inch American...
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The Agdor 32 Yankee Felling Axe

The Agdor 32 Yankee is a large felling axe based on professional felling axes made popular during the 19th-century American forestry industry boom. A curved 32-inch American hickory handle drives...

The Agdor 32 Montreal Felling Axe

A full-sized axe for felling large trees and a great all-arounder for working outdoors the traditional way, useful around the home or at camp for felling and splitting smaller rounds...

Adler German AxesRheinland Hatchet

Details All-purpose hatchet for at-home or in the wilderness Rheinland head offers a large, curved cutting surface Hickory handle with anti-slip paint provides better grip Protective leather sheath with two-button...

Adler German AxesYankee Hatchet

Details A ergonomic all-purpose companion for heading into the outdoors Classic Yankee head shape is perfect for splitting wood Hickory handle is shaped ergonomically for comfortable use Heavy-duty leather sheath...

Adler German AxesSuper Splitter

Specifications Material C45 steel Handle hickory Dimensions 31.5in Claimed Weight 8lb 3.2oz Recommended Use weekend camping
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