BlackStrap Sunrise Pant - Women's

BlackStrap's Sunrise Pant is our baselayer of choice whether we're skiing, practicing yoga, or hiking. Its soft, stretchy fabric wicks moisture, dries quickly, and blocks sun rays to keep us...

BlackStrap Summit Top - Men's

For backcountry riding, we want our baselayer to beat the cold as if we were riding the resort like any other skier, but we also want reliable sun protection and...

BlackStrap Skyliner Top - Men's

Most of BlackStrap's baselayers are slim or form-fitting. We like the Skyliner's relaxed fit for more relaxing days on the board. This is a favorite among park skiers for its...

BlackStrap Multifunctional Head Band

This BlackStrap Head Band is as multi-functional as we are. We'll wear it to wick the sweat off our brow whether we're skiing, running, hiking, cycling, or even gardening in...

BlackStrap Tube Print Facemask - Kids'

BlackStrap's Tubes are too comfy not to share with the rest of the family, and our kids prefer the stylings of BlackStrap's JR Tube Print. Not only a more colorful...

BlackStrap The Goggle Cover

BlackStrap's Goggle Cover protects our lenses from scratches and smudges so we can see what we ski clearly. We like that the cover's made of repurposed materials from BlackStrap's warehouse....

BlackStrap Outback Pant - Men's

Whether we're out of the backcountry or in the resort, BlackStrap's Outback Pant is a choice baselayer for the job. Its warm fabric stretches for full mobility, and it has...

BlackStrap The Tube Dual Layer Facemask - Kids'

The Tube Dual Layer Facemask offers excellent coverage for groms in grizzly weather. Its dual layer construction enhances protection for skiing and snowmobiling in snowier, windier conditions. We also appreciate...

BlackStrap Daily Tube

All of BlackStrap's face masks are pretty versatile, but none more so than the Daily Tube. We wear it skiing in winter, hiking in summer, and climbing basically anytime it's...

BlackStrap Solid JR Hood - Kids'

We make sure the kids are fitted for warmth when we take them to the mountains. That's why we like the Solid JR Hood. It has a soft, single-layer fabric...

BlackStrap Daily Tube Artist Series - Scott McCurdy

We Like this Daily Tube's original artwork and proudly display it at any ski resort we ride. It's the same construction as BlackStrap's versatile Tubes for year-round wear. We slide...

BlackStrap Daily Tube Artist Series - Rachel Pohl

Slip this versatile face tube on before a day of getting after your go-to outdoor activity. No matter how rigorous or relaxing your planned day is, this stretchy and breathable...

BlackStrap Print Hood Balaclava

Regardless of the weather, we're always wearing BlackStrap's Print Hood Balaclava. It provides welcoming coverage whether it's windy and snowy or sunny and sweaty, and the printed styles Details Performance,...

BlackStrap Therma Pant - Women's

We've found that baselayers as warm and stylish as BlackStrap's Therma Pant can be used for more than just skiing. Sure, it's the ideal baselayer for skiing in winter and...

BlackStrap Therma Hooded Top - Women's

When the weather permits, we don't mind wearing BlackStrap's Therma Hooded Top with a vest for skiing in spring. The sleeves give a bit of original styling, while the midweight...

BlackStrap Team Hood Balaclava Solid

BlackStrap's Team Hood Balaclava is the choice for competitive and professional riding, and we like wearing it whenever we feel like we're riding like the pros. Its soft, stretchy fabric...

BlackStrap Cloudchaser Top - Women's

Say goodbye to bulky layers. Blackstrap makes it easy to balance staying warm while keeping layers lightweight. The Cloudchaser Top works for hot laps at the resort or long approaches...

BlackStrap Solid Hood Balaclava

As we're bombing down the mountain, laying first tracks, the Solid Hood Balaclava shields our face from the chapping wind. At the end of our run, we use the lens-safe...

BlackStrap Expedition Hood Balaclava

Alpine sun, harsh winds, and the occasional snowfall are always on the agenda for skiing in high altitudes. We like covering up in BlackStrap's Expedition Hood Balaclava for solidly reliable...

BlackStrap Tube Facemask Print

Details Stretchy, comfortable neck gaiter for the resort Fabric is moisture-wicking and lens-friendly Odor-resistant design helps keep things fresh Specifications Material [face fabric] 80% nylon, 17% elastane, 3% other, [lining]...
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