Mr Taylor Bath Soap 200g

A triple-milled vegetable based soap which gently cleanses and purifies the skin whilst protecting the skin from drying out.
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Sandalwood Hand Soap 100g

Our triple-milled Sandalwood hand soap creates a rich and creamy lather while moisturising and cleaning the skin. Vegetable based.
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Jermyn Street Alcohol Free Cologne 100ml

A modern and fresh cologne (100ml) complete with atomiser, this product does not contain alcohol making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.
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Sandalwood Cologne 100ml

Tasteful and classic, our splash-on sandalwood cologne is a true gentlemen's fragrance offering a rich and masculine scent. Our sandalwood cologne is suitable for long lasting wear for all occasion.
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St James Collection Fragrance 100ml

Our St James collection offers a sweet and sophisticated fragrance for long lasting use. Comes complete with atomiser and can be used both as a Cologne or Aftershave.
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Sandalwood Aftershave Lotion 100ml

A classic and masculine fragranced splash-on aftershave lotion. Based on a formula which has been passed down from generation to generation in the Taylor Tradition.
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Mr Taylor Aftershave Balm 75ml

This balm acts as an alternative to an aftershave lotion, it is designed to reduce razor burn and irritation while offering a pleasant and timeless fragrance.
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Alum Block

An alum block is an essential tool for any man's grooming kit. It functions as an anti-septic as well as an astringent to sooth irritation and to seal any small...
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Pre-Shave Herbal Gel 30ml

Our hydrating pre-shave herbal gel is designed to lift even the most coarse of hairs to ensure a close and comfortable shave whilst protecting the skin. Apply a small amount...
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Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil 30ml

Prepare your skin for a closer and more comfortable shave with our sandalwood pre-shave oil. Apply a small amount to the face and massage prior to using shaving soap or...
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Sandalwood Shaving Stick 75ml

Ideal for travel, the sandalwood shave stick offers a convenient and indulgent shaving experience.
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Traditional Luxury Shaving Soap in Travel Bowl 57g

Our traditional luxury shaving soap (57/58g) contained in a specially designed for travel bowl. Additional refills are available.
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St James Shaving Cream Bowl 150g

Fresh and masculine, our St. James shaving cream creates a smooth, creamy lather for a close shave, leaving your skin nourished and moisturised.
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Cedarwood Shaving Cream Bowl 150g

Offering a deep and masculine fragrance, this cream is manufactured to produce a rich and creamy lather.
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Royal Forest Shaving Cream Bowl 150g

Fresh and vibrant, our Royal Forest shaving cream offers a rich and fragrant lather for a close shave.
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Browning Lotion

Are you tired of baking in the hot dangerous sun for hours to get a dark beautiful tan? Get a real tan in short sun time with this Browning Lotion...

After Browning Lotion

Feed your tanned skin with the soothing Aloe Vera, Vitamins, and the nourishing Tropical Oils used by old Hawaiians and Polynesians with this amazing After Browning Lotion Tan Enhancer and...

Browning Lotion with Coconut Oil

All natural tanning accelerant for Indoor and Outdoor use. Achieve maximum color with this Amazing Maui Babe Browning Lotion with Coconut Oil. Benefits Natural ingredient based alternative to Maui Babe's...

Browning Lotion Tanning Salon Formula

Maui Babe's indoor Browning Lotion Tanning Salon Formula is made with all the natural and wonderful ingredients as Maui Babe's Browning Lotion except this is made with a light sunflower...

Essential Oils Hydrating Mist

Mist Maui Babe's Essential Oils Hydrating Mist all over skin for instant tropical scented hydration. Formulated for the tanning enthusiast who wants to keep their skin beautiful, hydrated and smelling...
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